Shaded Amethysts: A small-town love triangle romance

Shaded Amethysts: A small-town love triangle romance

Written by:
Ann Omasta
Narrated by:
Ann Omasta
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 59 minutes
I’m the only person from my group of friends who isn’t madly in love. After getting fired, I had to move back in with my parents. Welcome to Loserville. Population me.

Avery Biggs is convinced her life can’t get any worse, but a child falling through the ice is about to change everything. 

When a patch of thin ice on a pond gives way, Avery finds that her trouble is more than doubled by two gorgeous and eligible bachelors. 

Local veterinarian Dr. Noah James is smart, handsome, and charming. He’s the man of Avery’s dreams, plus he loves animals! 

Trouble seems to swirl around new-to-town Gage Tavish. He’s a sexy bad boy to his core. Avery knows she should keep her distance, but something about Gage is irresistible. 

Even as Avery’s love life is on the fast track to disaster, she embarks on the mission of a lifetime to help her best friend keep her little boy in a bitter custody battle with the child’s neglectful birth mother.

Will these delightful characters be able to find their winding way to happiness? Find out now by listening to Shaded Amethysts.

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