Sharkman Six

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Owen West

Narrated By: Lee Sellars

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: October 2001

Duration: 6 hours 0 minutes


Gavin Kelly is a young lieutenant in a seemingly impossible situation. A third generation Marine, his grandfather expects him to undo his father's cowardice in--and silence about--Vietnam. His best friend, a better Marine than he, lusts for the glory he believes Gavin will see. He's leading men with more years and experience than his own. And his duty as a leader of the US military's Operation Restore Hope is completely antithetical to his military instincts.

Gavin Kelly was decorated in Desert Storm for those instincts, killing instincts, and now he finds himself in Somalia to keep the peace and restore the hope. But what, exactly, does a Marine's honor and duty have to do with peacekeeping? Minutes after landing on the Somali beach, one of his men kills a Somali. The circumstances are nebulous, and Kelly immediately finds himself in the center of a maelstrom involving an outcry from members of the international press corps (who anticipated the Marine landing with cameras and floodlights); censure and surveillance by his superiors; and the loyalty of his men--particularly the two men, powerful presences in the troop, who have perpetrated the killing and vouched for its necessity. And that's only the start. With a troop of trigger-happy, honor-hungry, less-than-respectful Marines behind him, Kelly faces the struggle of a lifetime. The country and his countrymen will test him arduously and often and, at steep cost, Gavin will learn to accept responsibility for himself, for his men, and for his legacy.

With heart-pounding, intricate military detail, a rapier wit, and a keen sense of detail, SHARKMAN SIX appeals to military buffs and pacifists [readers] alike. In Gavin Kelly, West has created an authentic, sympathetic, and wholly compromised young officer of war who will put you in mind of the best of military heroes and antiheroes--John Yossarian meets Jack Ryan and then some.