Written By: Shari J. Ryan

Narrated By: Erin Bennett

Date: July 2019

Duration: 8 hours 2 minutes


'You will lose your memory.' That's what a doctor told me at just twenty-nine years old.

My headaches and exhaustion weren't from overexertion like I thought. It was more. A lot more.

Despite my unimaginable challenges, I found love at a time I needed it most. Layne, a rising star and popular frontman, was unknowingly singing life into my soul through his allusive lyrics. I lived and breathed for the mesmeric sound of his voice. Kismet led us to a kind of love anyone would die for.

I'm devastated that Layne will be stuck loving me after I begin to forget him. I can no longer promise him a future like the one he vowed to me.

Layne is determined to help me get better. I'm determined to make him see past my illness.

But avoidance is pushing him away faster than my shattering heart is forgetting. Now I'm worried that I've lost precious time that neither of us can ever reclaim. Realizing that making the love of my life happy is more important to me now than ever, I'm determined to face the music and find all of the right strings to make him smile again. Then I'll be happy too, even if I don't remember . . .

Contains mature themes.


  • Esther Hadassah

    Beautifully written. Narrated with reverence. Audiobook review: Erin Bennett narrated this book amazingly. The perfect choice for this book. so well done. Original book review: Shari J Ryan is amazing. This book is amazing. I can't seem to think of a word better than amazing because it all I've got at the moment. I cried both from sadness and euphoria. This book deserves the highest and if lavished ovations. Excuse me while I go read it a few more times.

  • Jocelyne G.

    This was my first Shari J Ryan's book. This is a women's Fiction and Rockstar Romance. Keep this in mind, because, this isn't your typical romance. The story goes back and forth, from past to present. Dani and Layne's story is emotional, inspirational, heartbreaking, and heartwarming afterward. This story shattered my heart. Dani is a beautiful character. Layne is a wonderful and handsome character, loving, caring, and so supportive. I love the Epilogue. Erin Bennett did a great job with the narration.

  • Liz T.

    I originally read Shattered Stars by Shari J. Ryan when it was first released and loved it. So when I had the opportunity to listen to it, I jumped on the chance. Because when you pick up a book by Shari J. Ryan, you know you are in for one emotional and heartbreaking ride! Shattered Stars was all that and more! Get ready to have all the feels! I want to tell you everything about this amazing read, but you just need to read this book and experience it. We are taken on a journey of Dani and Layne’s love over the years between the past and present. These two were perfect together. Their love undeniable. And with a few words, “You will lose your memory” everything changes. Layne stole my heart from the beginning. He was determined to be there for Dani and never let her go. Erin Bennet did an absolutely amazing job bringing to story to life. I felt every emotion and just lost myself in the story! Happy reading!

  • Anonymous

    SHATTERED STARS is only the second Shari J Ryan book I have read, and once again she has turned me into a watering can. Even though it made me cry, I recommend this book. The situation Dani and Layne find themselves in is heartbreaking. 29 years old, and being told she has already started to lose her memories puts incredible pressure on this otherwise strong relationship. It’s clear from the outset that Dani and Layne have an incredible love but their attitudes in how to go on given Dani’s prognosis differ greatly. I feel Ryan does an excellent job in expressing the fear, frustration, anger, helplessness and love that arise from Dani’s health issues. The ending brings about a resolution but I still unsure how I feel about it. Yes, it’s believable but this latter part of the book was a tad too rushed for my liking. I needed more time to understand it, absorb it. I listened to an audio version of this book narrated by Erin Bennett. I feel she did an excellent job in narrating this book. The many and varied emotions of the characters were conveyed wonderfully. I was immersed in the story from the start and the only thing that stopped me from finishing this book quickly was waiting to listen to this book while at home so I could be as emotional as I needed to be behind closed doors.

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by Shari J. Ryan

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Shattered Stars, Shari J. Ryan
Shattered Stars, Shari J. Ryan
This title is due for release on July 30, 2019.

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Shattered Stars, Shari J. Ryan
This title is due for release on July 30, 2019
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Shattered Stars, Shari J. Ryan
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Shattered Stars, Shari J. Ryan

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