Shermy & Shake, the Not-So-New Kid

Written by:
Kirby Larson
Narrated by:
Kurt Kanazawa

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
1 hour 11 minutes
Shermy is excited to start second grade. He has styled his hair with gel. He is making friends with the kids who play soccer at recess. And he’s being a good helper to his new teacher, Mr. Craig, who often loses track of things. When his out-of-town friend, Shake, shows up, things seem to be going even better!
That is, until Shermy realizes that Shake is stealing the spotlight.

But Shake’s mom and stepdad are looking to buy a house in Shermy’s neighborhood, which means these two long-distance friends will now be no-distance friends. Can their friendship survive the closeness—and the classroom?

Or will having Shake in the neighborhood be too much of a good thing?
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