Shermy and Shake, The Not-so-Nice Neighbor

Written by:
Kirby Larson
Narrated by:
Kurt Kanazawa

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
1 hour 2 minutes
When a new kid moves in next door for the summer, Shermy’s plans for a quiet, relaxing break are completely upended. That’s because Shake is nothing like Shermy. And Shermy is nothing like Shake.

SHERMY likes to read quietly in the shade of a tree. He knows the proper way to do a puzzle. He collects treasures in the pouch he wears around his neck, and the books on his shelves are alphabetized by author.

SHAKE likes to play street hockey or space explorers. He gobbles up chocolate graham crackers, rocket ice pops, and Toaster Tarts. He shows up unannounced and plays board games by his own rules.

As the two boys are forced to spend more and more time together, will they learn how to get along despite their differences? Or will it be one long countdown until Shake goes home?
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