Shift Your Mindset: Enrich Your Life & Business

Written by:
Kendal Netmaker
Narrated by:
Kendal Netmaker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
0 hours 34 minutes
From an early age, your mind has been constantly programmed by messages of constraints, struggle and failure. These programmed messages hold you back from achieving the level of Success and Prosperity You Desire. Not anymore! In this motivational, high-content, business and life-changing experience, you will discover how to Reprogram Your Mind for Success and achievement acceleration! Kendal Netmaker helps leaders and organizations through the power of Shift Your Mindset!

Through the telling of his life story, you'll learn:The fastest way to reprogram your mind for successHow your mindset affects everything in your life and careerHow to go from poverty to abundance mindsetLearn what you need to do to achieve more in the next 12 monthsEmbrace the power of what you already have within yourselfIf you're ready to propel your life (and business) forward and see the positives in every situation, you've got the right tools in your hand. Let Kendal show you the opportunities that are presenting themselves, and how to go from poverty to podium, just like he did.
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