Shingles Audio Collection Volume 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
13 hours 18 minutes
'Stranger's Thing' by Robert Bevan: Four friends get more than they bargained for when they break into a seemingly abandoned research lab.

'Jizz World' by Rick Gualtieri: Zach Johnson was an idiot. So, when given the chance to wish for anything the universe had to offer, only one thing came to mind: he wanted his life to be just like a porno.

'The Shingling' by Steve Wetherell: Johnny Terry, a recovering meth addict, is excited to start his new life as the caretaker at the Underpass Motel. Unfortunately, the Underpass is haunted by the ghosts of dead porn stars.

'The Haunting of Whore House' by Robert Bevan: Lucy and her brother, Junkie, find out that moving was only the beginning of their troubles when they encounter the ghost of a little boy in the woods.

'Snatched: Grandma Annie and the Cooter of Doom' by John G. Hartness: Jefferson Smith decides to shadow a detective, a coroner, and an OB/GYN for Career Week, with unexpected results.

'28 Dicks Later' by EM Kaplan: When a mysterious illness spreads like wildfire through Boneville, it's do or die time for Willie. Will she rise to the occasion?

Contains mature themes.
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