A Short History Of Nearly Everything

A Short History Of Nearly Everything

Written by:
Bill Bryson
Narrated by:
Bill Bryson

Abridged Audiobook

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Release Date
April 2010
5 hours 47 minutes
A Short History of Nearly Everything is Bill Bryson's quest to find out everything that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization - how we got from there, being nothing at all, to here, being us.

His challenge is to take subjects that normally bore the pants off most of us, and see if there isn't some way to render them comprehensible to people who have never thought they could be interested in science. It's not so much about what we know, as about how we know what we know. How do we know what is in the centre of the Earth, or what a black hole is, or where the continents were 600 million years ago? How did anyone ever figure these things out?

On his travels through time and space, Bill Bryson takes us with him on the ultimate eye-opening journey, and reveals the world in a way most of us have never seen it before.
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Lindie Louw

Absolutely Loved this book

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Emma A.


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Really special book. was recommended by the most beautiful person in the world and worth it every minute. Loverly

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This is not Bill Bryson narrating this. This voice is grating and hard to listen to.

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Actually found the book very addictive, the subject matter is deep but narrated in a very engaging manner

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Bill's a hero

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Arun M

Fantastic book. A quick recap of what I studied during my school days :)

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Roger Elvins

The subject is heavy going but I found the audio and narration made it interesting. I learned a lot and now know I have a lot more to learn. Good for the brain.

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