Short Story Press Presents Why You

Short Story Press Presents Why You

Narrated by:
Catherine O'connor
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
0 hours 34 minutes
“Why You” is about two seniors. One has a rough and troubled home life. The other has a strong close knit family. Collin takes charge after his girlfriend Cleo disappears for a short time. He looks for her at work and school. He goes to her home and there discovers the root of Cleo life problems. Not knowing what to do, Collin talks to his parents about the situation and finds they are his best allies to help Cleo break away from a horrible mother and make a life of her own.

Collin and Cleo enjoy the company of one another but through her disappearance Collin discovers his love for Cleo. He would not give up on her. Cleo learns that family can be a great thing. She also learns that not every person who befriends you wants to use you for their own gain. She finally learns to love and to trust.

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