Showdown at Yellow Butte

Written by:
Louis L'Amour
Narrated by:
Jason Culp

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2011
5 hours 39 minutes
Tom Kedrick earned his stripes during the Civil War, fought Apaches, and even soldiered overseas. But in the high desert country of New Mexico, the battle-hardened Kedrick is entangled in a different kind of war, fueled by greed and deception. Hired by Alton Burwick to drive a pack of renegades and outlaws off the government land recently set aside for an Indian reservation, Kedrick begins to notice that things are not as they seem. As his suspicions grow, he realizes that he may be fighting on the wrong side of a land swindle. Disillusioned and outraged, Kedrick must take action against the very people who hired him–or be forced to witness the bloody massacre of innocent men and women.
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Gayle M.

I LOVE Louis Lamour. This book was fantastic. I am relatively new to reading them and almost embarrassed to admit this because my father loves his books so much too. As do countless others. They are all 5 stars in my eyes and no one book is necessarily better than the other, because that is how brilliant and engaging Louis L'Amour writes. This book was thoroughly enjoyable and now I NEED a new one. Thanks audiobooks. Love the app. Love the narration. Jason Culp is extremely good at this. Really. Thanks again for making my day.

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