Written by:
J. F. Rivkin
Narrated by:
Aven Shore

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
6 hours 9 minutes
The life of a sword-for-hire was often uncertain, but for beautiful, sensual Corson brenn Torisk it was the only one worth living.

When Corson was hired by the Lady Nyctasia, it seemed that fortune was smiling at last. The Lady was pretty, amusing, and rich, and her reputation for sorcery, she assured her new bodyguard, was greatly exaggerated.

For Corson had little liking for magic, and less for magicians. But she had a high regard for her own skin, and when her employer's enemies proved both numerous and determined, she soon decided a sword was not enough. Any weapon would do, even the Lady's necromancy...

'It's fun to see a tall, handsome, hard-fighting, hard-drinking, barbarian hero -who is female.' -Piers Anthony
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