Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny

Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny

Written by:
A. J. Callen
Narrated by:
Digital Voice Archie G
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
10 hours 50 minutes
This audiobook is narrated by a digital voice.

What if a young slave possessed the mythic age-old power to help save the world from demonic tyranny and destruction?

Simon Blackfyre has no memory or recollection of where he was born and who he really is.

The King and Queen of Miradora have died under strange circumstances. A new ruler must be chosen but Simon has never heard of 'The Rites of Succession'.

Trapped in the lowest caste of society he couldn't care less until the powerful Lord Lionsbury and his giant friend, Mr. Byrch, arrive unannounced at the Pumberton's farm in the sleepy town of Grimsby where Simon's dark and perilous adventure begins.

After a dangerous trek to Farrhaven to undergo strenuous training, Simon is chosen as a protector of the Evermere family by the wise and compassionate Holy Seer, Lady Zaphora Murik of Wraithburn.

Marcus, the eldest Evermere brother, is a contender to the throne in competition against three other young nobles including the arrogant and ruthless Callor Tiberion who believes that he alone is entitled to wear the crown no matter how it is won.

Simon survives a potentially deadly initiation rite which reveals the return of a mysterious demonic race, the Choldath, hell-bent on exacting ancient revenge on the people of Miradora and all kingdoms of the earth.

Simon and his new friends, including Rachel, come under increasing attacks at Farrhaven both from within and without as their enemies test their defenses and their loyalties.

Simon's thrilling odyssey continues through a brutal maze of supernatural deceptions, bloody betrayals, and heartbreaking loss until he finds the courage to stand and fight for what is right and true while sinister forces gather in preparation for a war that will decide the final destiny of the world.

Journey deeper with our reluctant hero and his friends as they discover the frightening and magical world of SIMON BLACKFYRE AND THE STORMS OF DESTINY.
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