A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need From Washington (and a Trillion That We Don't!)

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Mike Huckabee

Narrated By: Mike Huckabee

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Date: February 2011

Duration: 6 hours 34 minutes


A commonsense and optimistic manifesto for our future, by one of America's most beloved conservative.

Just in time for the run-up to the 2012 election, the bestselling author of Do the Right Thing and A Simple Christmas takes his vision even further, offering clear solutions to the key issues facing our nation in the Obama era.

Politicians, lobbyists, and so-called experts spend too much time arguing and focusing on the differences that divide us. As a result, those in Washington are obsessed with the win or loss of their side and not with actually solving problems. Huckabee shows how we can return to our roots-the simple founding principles that created America and made our nation strong-to build a more promising future.

For example, instead of a ten-thousand-page tax code that not even CPAs can understand, we need a simple, fair, transparent way Obamacare monstrosity, we need a simple way to help Americans get good health care without bankrupting our future.

Approachable as ever, Huckabee presents a plan for our country that will resonate across America.