Sinful Disruption

Sinful Disruption

Written by:
K.C. Mills
Narrated by:
Vance Goodwin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2024
8 hours 42 minutes
Not always eye-to-eye, but forever heart-to-heart …

Krew and Navy Troy are brothers with the same blood but different paths.

After looking death in the face, Navy spends four years struggling to get his life back. He did the work so opening his heart to the right woman finally feels right.

Navy’s dance with death is a wake-up call for his brother, Krew. He failed at protecting his brother and he refuses to do that again. He spends four years building a foundation for the Troy brothers to have financial stability.

Krew meets a woman that proves that timing is everything, and this time, he plans on making it work.

Although different in almost every way, Navy and Krew have one thing in common: penance, sacrifice and struggle.
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