A Sinister Spring in Edgemont

A Sinister Spring in Edgemont

Written by:
Della North
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
4 hours 59 minutes
This audiobook is narrated by a digital voice.

Judith, Lila, and Grant team up once again! This time to solve the mystery of who killed Barbie Nichols? the hairdresser who won millions on the lottery.

Barbie, an Edgemont School for Girls parent, is murdered only a month after moving her extended family to the luxurious Edgemont Executive Estates. Judith and Beth get involved to help one of Barbie's daughters - much to Grant's disapproval!

Love interests spark, friends draw closer, but can relationships overcome the emotional obstacles?

Plus... it's the Spring of 2020 and Covid-19 complicates everything.

'So good!'
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