Sister Betty Says I Do

Written by:
Pat G'orge-Walker
Narrated by:
Lizan Mitchell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2014
9 hours 50 minutes
For Sister Betty, the marriage proposal from trustee Freddie Noel is a once-in-a-lifetime surprise blessing. Unfortunately, she knows the chances of having a peaceful ceremony in their beloved Crossing Over Sanctuary Church are slim to none. But she's armed with enough sense and scripture to keep contentious church busybodies Bea Blister and Sasha Pray Onn from sowing even more chaos amid the congregation - until a rehearsal disaster and an unexpected secret causes Freddie to break off the engagement without explanation.... While this no-nonsense prayer warrior needs all the holy backup she can get, her pastor, Reverend Leotis Tom, is desperately dodging temptation as Mother Pray Onn's wild-child niece and Betty's young cousin compete to become his First Lady. With her happiness, the church's future, and Tom's sanity on the line, Sister Betty will need to kick some spiritual butt, take names - and fight for some major soul-saving miracles
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