Skate Freak

Written by:
Lesley Choyce
Narrated by:
Iambic Productions

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
2 hours 4 minutes
Dorf is all about skateboarding and so far that's worked out fine.

But now that he's in a new city, the terrain has changed. He's no longer free to skateboard where he wishes, school is more difficult, and his passion for skateboarding garners him the nickname and reputation of a freak. With daring stunts he gains the grudging respect of local troublemakers, but he needs to tap into another kind of courage to effect real change.

This short novel is a high-interest, low-reading level book for middle-grade readers who are building reading skills, want a quick read or say they don’t like to read! Also available in French.
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