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Skinny Women Are Evil: Note of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World

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Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2003
2 hours 30 minutes
Now in paperback, popular comedienne and television star Mo'Nique tells us how to be a big woman in a small woman's world.

It is NO secret that I am a BIG girl.

Always have been, always will be.

The only way I'll ever wear a size 6, or even a 16, is if you add them together. That's right: I wear a size 22. And I'm proud, because I wear it well.

Hell, even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see that!

Such is the life—and largesse—of Mo'Nique, one of America's best-loved plus-size personalities. “I really wish I didn't have to write this book,” writes Mo'Nique. “But it appears I have no choice. Especially when BIG girls are still subjected to ridicule simply because we've been blessed with a few extra pounds.” In Skinny Women Are Evil, Mo'Nique strips away the stigma of being weight-challenged and introduces a new vocabulary in which F.A.T. is FABULOUS AND THICK and a woman who is “skinny” is just plain evil. Why? Because America gives them the comfortable airline seats, the fashionable clothes, and the lead roles in the Hollywood blockbusters. So how can a F.A.T. girl learn to operate in the it's-a-small-world after all? In this hilarious, heartwarming book, women of all sizes, shapes, and colors can benefit from Mo'Nique's Fat Girls' Survival Tips, a handy Thin-O-Meter, and a generous portion of advice about dating, eating, dressing, undressing, and much more.

Skinny Women Are Evil is Mo'Nique's testament to living large and loving it. So go on, dig in!
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Not cute. to say you like to be fat? Its appropriate to like your body - - if you take care of it, don't intentionally pack it on? And what a hypocrite to think that you wrote this book about packing on, and being okay with it, and THEN... to go "big" in the entertainment industry saying how you need to quit that lifestyle and take care of yourself, and clean up your diet, and care for the vessel that carries around your talent. Geez. It wasn't all bad in narration, but the message was terrible.

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I liked Monique's spin on the subject. Laughed out loud a bunch of times. Did find some of it repetitive. But overall, enjoyed it and like that Monique herself read it.

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I did not enjoy this book. I went in expecting a comedy routine and didn't laugh once. I couldn't relate to the jokes and gave up after the first disc.

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Autumn Young

She really made sense to me. I am overeight but losing and she was very to the point. I stopped listening part way through since she was starting to ruin my dieting plans. There was a lot of foul language so thats why I rated it down.

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Rhonda Parker

Overall, enjoyed the book. However, I was expecting it to be funnier and make more jokes about skinny women. The book was mixed with humor and real life issues.

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Gerry Neville

Both my wife and I listened and we finally removed the cd on disk 2 - very disappointed.

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Caroline Walpert

Very Funny! Kept me laughing. Keep in mind, this is a comedy routine NOT a novel. I did not realize that going in but it was still great. A true tribute to big girls everywhere. If you are skinny, you probably won't get it.

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