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Slaves of Obsession

Written by:
Anne Perry
Narrated by:
Simon Jones

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2000
5 hours 0 minutes
The year is 1861. The American Civil War has just begun, and London arms dealer Daniel Alberton is becoming a very wealthy man. His quiet dinner party seems remote indeed from the passions rending America. Yet investigator William Monk and his bride, Hester, sense growing tensions and barely concealed violence. For two of the guests are Americans, each vying to buy Alberton’s armaments. Soon Monk and Hester’s forebodings are fulfilled as one member of the party is brutally murdered and two others disappear– along with Alberton’s entire inventory of weapons. As Monk and Hester track the man they believe to be the murderer all the way to Washington, D.C., and the bloody battlefield at Manassas, Slaves of Obsession twists and turns like a powder-keg fuse and holds the reader breathless and spellbound. . . .
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Gina M.

Much shorter than the other Inspector Monk books so I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't as complicated and deep as previous stories. Still good!

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