The Smack Track

The Smack Track

Written by:
Ian McPhedran
Narrated by:
Peter Byrne

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
January 2018
8 hours 25 minutes
From battling pirates to tracking down gun runners, drug smugglers and terrorists; the high energy exploits and explosive adventures of the Australian Navy in the Arabian Gulf.

From Ian McPhedran, best-selling author of The Amazing SAS, Soldiers Without Borders and Too Bold to Die, comes the untold and largely unknown story of how the Royal Australian Navy battles pirates, gun runners and drug smugglers in the seas of the Arabian Gulf and the Horn of Africa along the infamous route known as the 'smack track'.

For more than twenty years, Australian sailors have been risking their lives, conducting often fraught and dangerous operations in war and in the battle against terrorism. From braving rough seas to boarding rickety dhows or clambering up the sheer steel sides of modern day supertankers looking for contraband, The Smack Track tells a thrilling, eye-witness story of grit, courage, ingenuity and sacrifice.
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Ben G.

Great recount of life aboard an Aussie ship. Knowing the challenges faced by our crew and the way in which they professionally perform their roles gives me great pride and admiration for our navy. A great insight into the roles ahead for those wanting to join the RAN. Great Australian narration. Top job

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