Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams: How You and Your Team Get Unstuck to Get Results

Written by:
Roger M. Schwarz
Narrated by:
Roger M. Schwarz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
7 hours 53 minutes
A proven approach for helping leaders and teams work together to achieve better decisions, greater commitment, and stronger results

More than ever, effective leadership requires us to work as a team, but many leaders struggle to get the results they need. When stakes are high, you can't get great results by just changing what you do. You also need to change how you think. Organizational psychologist and leadership consultant Roger Schwarz applies his thirty-plus years of experience working with leadership teams to reveal how leaders can drastically improve results by changing their individual and team mindset.

- Provides practical guidance to help teams increase decision quality, decrease implementation time, foster innovation, get commitment, reduce costs and increase trust

- Outlines five core values leadership teams can adopt to exponentially improve results

- Author of The Skilled Facilitator and The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook

Get the results you and your team need. Start by applying the practical wisdom of Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams.

Bonus material: This audiobook includes figures in printable PDF format.
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