So What Are The Guys Doing? Inspiration about making changes and taking risks for a happier life

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: David J. Figura

Narrated By: David J. Figura

Publisher: Divine Phoenix LLC

Date: June 2016

Duration: 5 hours 40 minutes


In So What Are The Guys Doing, awardwinning journalist and author, David J. Figura shares his transformational journey and captures the narrative of 50 men regarding real life subjects, such as, career, friendship, marriage, relationship, religion, sex and midlife challenges. Is this as good as it gets? Can I do better with my life? These two questions nagged David J. Figura, as he grappled with his marriage and considered an affair. He was also burned out at his job, lonely and resentful because of his lack of meaningful friendships. Sound familiar? Figura bares all and relates the changes he made in his marriage, the radical steps to make more male friends, the risk he took in his career -and heartfelt conversations with more than 50 men dealing with many of the same issues.

"I love this book. Its message to middleaged men about the importance of getting and keeping their male friends close is much needed." John Gray, bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus "Dave's book serves as an important reminder that good friends really do make a good life, a reminder I desperately needed at the exact moment I picked up "So What Are The Guys Doing?"
As a result, I'm on my way to having those good friends and that good life!"- Angela Daddabbo, artistic director for Auburn Public Theater