So Who's Stopping You

Written by:
Warren Greshes
Narrated by:
Warren Greshes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
4 hours 30 minutes
This program, loaded with easy to implement success strategies, geared toward helping you create a focus, sense of purpose and direction in your life, career and business, is a great way to energize you to and from work, or on the way to seeing a potential client.

Attitude and Commitment
• Why your “attitude will determine your altitude”
• How to develop confidence and why it's the last thing to come
• How to instill a great attitude in others
Fear of Failure - Don't let it Stop You
• Falling down is not the same failure
• Stop doing what everybody else does
• Turning negatives into positives
Goal Setting
• Three reasons to write down your goals
• A perfect example of why goals must be written
• Three components of an effective, written goal
Creating Your Action Plan
• Why you need a written plan
• The three components of an effective, written plan
Make My Life Easier: What the 21st Century Customer Really Wants
• How to differentiate yourself from the competition
• Three reasons why you don't want to sell “price.”
• How demographic changes in America have changed the customer and why they buy
The 3S's of Success
• See it - See yourself successful
• Start it - act! - do something
• Sustain the effort - the magic of persistence

The purpose of this program is simple; to help you achieve the kind of results you need to be as successful as you choose to be in your life, career and business.
Here are some of the results you can expect by listening to this program:
* A new sense of purpose and direction in your life
* Increase your ability to motivate yourself on a consistent basis
* You will learn how to develop your own personal, written plan for your life, career or business
* Increase your sales and productivity
* Your confidence in your ability to achieve will skyrocket
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