So You Need to Decide

Written by:
Beth Lapides
Narrated by:
Beth Lapides

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
8 hours 15 minutes
How many decisions do you make each day? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? How often do you think about the way each of those little and not-so-little decisions reverberate through your life? And how often do you regret a choice you made and wish you could simply choose again?
“One of the better audio-comedy productions in recent memory … the project is a collection of probing interviews in their original audio, so none of the intensity or intimacy is lost in a translation to print.”—Vulture.
Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as the “godmother of alternative comedy,” Beth Lapides, creator of LA’s long-running UnCabaret, delivers a funny and heartfelt meditation on the power of decisions, the place for regret, and the space for grace in the Recorded Books Original So You Need to Decide.
This series of intimate conversations with a diverse group of comedians, writers, and cultural icons revolves around five universal experiences: family, work, love, moving, and spirituality. The decisions that come through in each of these moments are not about the rigidity of control, it’s about the fluidity of dancing with the chaos. Lapides invites us to join her and her friends in reflecting on how each decision changes us, altering our path and creating a wholly new journey.
Featuring original interviews with Margaret Cho, Isaac Mizrahi, Bob Odenkirk, Phoebe Bridgers, Baron Vaughn, Aparna Nancherla, Merrill Markoe, and Josh Gondelman, and with research assistance by Mathew Klickstein, So You Need to Decide ultimately challenges the listener to choose how they want to live—bigger or smaller, with artifice or authenticity. Would you rather plumb the depths or float near the surface?
That’s a decision only you can make.
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What a wonderful book! I loved hearing Beth narrate. Everyone needs to listen to So You Need to Decide. ASAP!

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Emily A.

This!!!! I’ve been walking to this audiobook. I have already DECIDED to cycle back through it a second time. It is just so smart, so honest, and horribly funny. Questions and answers that connect us to our shared pain – I let out a laugh or a guffaw every 25 steps. Beth is one of those smarty pants that makes dazzling connections – the root meaning of a word, panorama of a moment and the frightening power of a decision, from the seemingly casual ones to the overwhelming paralyzing ones. Her interviews with other humorous icons and her own revealing stories is a walk in the most glorious park. Yup. Do it now. Decided to download it and go!

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