Somebody’s Gotta Be On Top

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
9 hours 5 minutes
'The only time a woman should be on top is during sex . . . '

Arriving in Washington, DC, to start his own company, with the help of his friends Jada and Wellington, twenty-two-year-old Darius Jones hires a woman from his past, Fancy Taylor, to oversee his West Coast offices, which leads to trouble.

Still harboring the wounds of his mother's deception and a childhood without his biological father, caught between an all-consuming pride and the call of his own untrusting heart, Darius has a lot to learn: about life, women, and what it takes to find and nurture real love. And if he's not careful, he might just end up on the bottom of everything.

Contains mature themes.
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