Son of a Witch

Written by:
Gregory Maguire
Narrated by:
Gregory Maguire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2005
14 hours 15 minutes
The Wicked Years continue in Gregory Maguire’s Son of a Witch—the heroic saga of the hapless yet determined young man who may or may not be the offspring of the fabled Wicked Witch of the West. A New York Times bestseller like its predecessor, the remarkable Wicked, Son of a Witch follows the boy Liir on his dark odyssey across an ingeniously re-imagined and nearly unrecognizable Land of Oz—a journey that will take him deep into the bowels of the Emerald City, lately abandoned by the Wizard, and into the jaws of dragons. At once a grim fairy tale and an uplifting adventure, Son of a Witch is a true wonder.
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Love the story, however this uthor should never read a story again.

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It was alright not my favorite of his work.

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Laura Luther

and I will be listening to the audiobook with the Gregory macguire audiobook with the audiobook interested in the more I think about this and how

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Chasi D.

So, I am generally a great fan of when authors read their own books because they know what everyone is supposed to sound like and they are, generally, more passionate about the story than anyone else could be. However, the narration was a little bad. Some people just aren't great at speaking and are just wonderful at writing...I will say, though, the story wasn't a letdown at all.

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Rachel Reese

Didn't love Wicked but really wanted to because I love the idea and so many other seem to be so captivated. Maguire has a fragmented writing style that leaves lots of ends untied, and while he claims this is what he is going for, it's just not for me. I struggled through reading Wicked myself and struggled through the slow pace at which Maguire reads Son of a Witch, in which nothing really happens except die the main character being continuously confused about who he is... What's the message? If you liked Wicked and Maguire style in general though, you may like this one. This is just one person's take.

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Kathy Montour

Great it!!! narrating of characters voices not so great

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The story is great. I liked it better than it's prequel, Wicked. However, the narrator was monotone and his inflection and voice were grating to the ears. I would have enjoyed the story better had he not read it. Gregory- a word of advice- hire someone to tell this story!

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Dewey Stevens

Ugh... the auther needs to stick to writing. I rely on my books to help keep me awake on my long commute, and this one put me to sleep. Even though I only managed to reach the 2nd disc, even that seemed interminable.

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