Sophomore Witch: Supernatural Academy

Sophomore Witch: Supernatural Academy

Narrated by:
Kasi Hollowell
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2019
8 hours 42 minutes
It all happened so fast. One minute Rowan was dying, the next…he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.

The Supernatural Academy nearly killed me my freshman year, so when my sophomore year rolls around, I’m determined for things to be different. Sure, Rowan’s a mess, but he’s still studying magic and taking me on hot dates, and that’s all that matters. But, what I don’t realize is how freaking obsessed he's become with finding a cure to reverse his new curse.

He wants magic back and he’s willing to do anything to get it. 

It’s not enough that I sign a blood pact with him, giving him access to my magic. And it’s not enough when he loses control. No, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, which puts him and everyone in his path in danger. 

The problem now is figuring out just how far I’m willing to go to save Rowan.

And what will be left when it's over?

You will love the continuation of this magical academy series with kick-ass action, hot romance, and earth-shattering magic that will make you tingle in all the right places. 

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