Soul Market - Shadow Justice 1: The Multiverse Collection

Soul Market - Shadow Justice 1: The Multiverse Collection

Written by:
D.N. Leo
Narrated by:
Catherine Edwards
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
5 hours 10 minutes
A thousand-year contract with the Babylonian Goddess is coming to an end when a good deity realizes there shouldn’t be a deal to begin with.

Mya made the deal with the Goddess when she was young and innocent, thus, her confidence clouded her judgement. More than a thousand years later, she is still working to honor the deal as a professor in mythology in Melbourne, Australia.

The Goddess does not entertain losing any game, and Mya is now at the pointy end of the deal. The dark horizon is closing in.

The deal is never meant to be won and disastrous consequences are inevitable.

This second installment in a supernatural suspense trilogy will make you question what you take for granted in this modern world.

* Previously published as The Good Deity series
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