Sound of a Train

Written by:
Gilbert Girion
Narrated by:
Jack Estes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 49 minutes
In this novella by Gil Girion, a married couple living in Los Angeles is suddenly faced with a confusion within their relationship when the wife slips away in the middle of the night without an explanation, taking the dog with her. Her husband is confronted with questions as to where she is going and why she left. Meanwhile, she is faced with an experience for which she was not well prepared. Her meetings with various people as she drianves east create tension in the narrative as the reader is faced with questions about her ability to handle the unusual situations. To make matters worse, she has a malady such that. she falls asleep at unexpected places, like in the middle of a conversation or standing by her car. This slim novella challenges a reader to understand what keeps a marriage together and what can drive it apart.
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