Source Mage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
10 hours 2 minutes
I was five when the dragons first appeared . . . and the lights went out for good.

Now, eighteen years after the cataclysmic appearance of the four great dragons over Mount Fuji, humanity shares a shattered Earth with the Fey-fairies, elves, and other supernatural creatures. Trust is short, magic is common, and each day is a struggle for survival in the Awakened World of 2053.

I'm Angie Ritter, a former army mage who can't cast spells anymore. I have some issues. I'm working on them.

Unfortunately, the army wasn't as accommodating as I would have hoped and gave me the boot. Now, I survive day by day in Sanwa City, a walled settlement in southern California, doing menial labor and pretty much hiding from the world. Without my magic, I can't help myself, let alone anyone else, but when my old army buddy Erin-an elite werewolf shock trooper-comes to me for help, I can't say no. Now, I just need to pull myself together-and fast. Because someone's hunting werewolves, and Erin is their new prey.

And if I get in their way, they're going to carve me up too.

Thing is, I'm done with hiding.

Contains mature themes.
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