Space Kids - The Journey of Hope

Space Kids - The Journey of Hope

Written by:
Alan Nettleton
Narrated by:
Penny Scott-Andrews
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
5 hours 12 minutes
How far would you go to follow your dream?

The year is 2068. Scientists at Space Command must learn how children manage in space without adults. They advertise for a leader for the first-ever child-only mission.

During the day, Sophie Williams struggles to fit in at her new secondary school, and bizarre recurring dreams torment her at night. She misses her dad and would do anything to make him proud. The Space Command advert sends shivers down her spine. Maybe this is her chance.

The selection process pushes Sophie to her limits but eventually, she finds herself strapped into the enormous spaceship and leading her team on a journey of discovery.

Being in space with three other kids, a robot and a dog is fun at first, but Sophie has no idea what her team will discover, or what dangers they will face.

This uplifting story inspires children to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. It provides us all with hope.

Winner - Middle-grade book category - 2022

N. N. Light's Book Heaven

Winner - Best Indie Book - 2022

N. N. Light's Book Heaven

'Simply an incredible book that needs to be a runaway bestseller. 5+++ Stars.'

N. N. Light's Book Heaven

'This is the perfect read for kids and adults like. It was fun, inspiring, and especially empowering for young girls with dreams of doing something big with their life.'


β€œIt made me feel really happy that middle-grade books nowadays are inclusive and not just in a way to add supporting characters from marginalised sections. 5/5”

Alex – The shadow girl, book blogger
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