Space Precinct Unmasked

Written by:
Richard James
Narrated by:
Richard James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
5 hours 21 minutes
‘The name’s James, Richard James. In 1994 I played a part in a TV series called ‘Space Precinct’. Now? Well, let’s just say I’ve written a book about it…’
Adapted and read by the author himself, this recording features contributions from Simone Bendix (Officer Castle), Lou Hirsch (Officer Romek), David Quilter (Sergeant Fredo), Rob Thirtle & Will Barton ('aliens of the week'), Phil Morrow (script editor) & Charlotte Serpell (assistant editor). It tells the story of one actor's experiences working on the most expensive TV series of its time, from first audition to wrap party!
With a foreword from Jamie Anderson and a wealth of stories and memories from actor Richard James, Officer Orrin himself, this audiobook is the definitive work on producing Gerry Anderson’s last live-action series.
Recorded remotely August 2020.
Duration: 120 mins approx
Format: Digital Download (mp3)
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