Sparrow Redeemed: NA

Sparrow Redeemed: NA

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Written by:
Manfred Dedekind
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
21 hours 52 minutes
Manfred’s ancestors left the safety and comforts of Germany in 1866 to go as missionaries to the warlike Zulu tribes of South Africa. He describes his early childhood and family memories growing up on a farm, being schooled in the Lutheran community and church, and the great love of family members. His book also brings out how he, his family, and relatives have faced numerous and serious dangers from wild animals, disease and armed farm attacks.

Manfred comes into a new-found relationship and faith in Christ. His dreams of effectively preaching the Gospel to the Zulus and other people is fulfilled when he gets the opportunity to receive training as an evangelist in the church he is attending. His zeal in witnessing to others has led many people to give their lives to Christ, including the members of his family; and has enabled him to be part of mission teams that traveled into Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi to share the Gospel with the people.

The successes and troubles of life for him and his family have been a journey of perseverance and trust in God, bringing out clearly, the rewards of faith, prayer, and trust where God will carry one through the hard times. Personal testimony of God’s goodness is revealed over and over again.
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