Speechercise Level 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Twin Sisters IP

Date: January 2013

Duration: 0 hours 52 minutes


Songs and drills for fun, easy daily speech practice while making lasting changes overall speech production ability. These songs will teach your child ways to exercise their mouths before they try tongue twisters. These tongue twisters will help your child with difficult words and phrases!
Track List:
1. Advanced Jaw Drops
2. Voiced And Voiceless Coordination
3. Advanced Lip Presses
4. Advanced Tongue Pushups
5. Consonant-Vowel Movement Game
7. The Tongue Twister Song
8. AFF, EFF, OAF, IF, OFF The Craziest Sounding Thing
9. Say The ""V"" Sound Now!
10. ""F"" and ""V""
11. It's All About Sally
12. Can You Say ZA?
13. The ""S"" And ""Z"" Drill
14. Chee, Chow, Chaw
15. Ja Ja Ja Joe Jammin'
16. S and SH...There Is A Difference
17. This, That, Those!
18. ARE, OR, EAR, AIR, IRE...We're Tired!
19. The LOW, ROW, Woe Song
20. Saying Sentences
21. Advanced Jaw Drops
22. Voiced And Voiceless Coordination
23. Advanced Lip Presses
24. Advanced Tongue Pushups
25. Consonant-Vowel Movement Game
26. FA, VA, SHA, LA-LA
27. The Tongue Twister Song
28. AFF, EFF, OAF, IF, OFF The Craziest Sounding Thing
29. Say The ""V"" Sound Now!
30. ""F"" and ""V""
31. It's All About Sally
Runtime: 52:20:00


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by Twin Sisters Productions

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