Speeches by Great Entertainment Celebrities

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: April 2017

Duration: 7 hours 29 minutes


Speeches by Great Entertainment Celebrities is a compilation of contributors to the entertainment industry. From filmmakers, producers, and stars to music icons, book writers, and comedians, this collection features words, talks, addresses, reflections, tips, and speeches about their lives and accomplishments.

Alfred Hitchcock - Speaks of film making (22:58)
James Cameron - Talks about making Avatar and Titanic (16:37)
Francis Ford Coppola & Martin Sheen - Reflect on the making of Apocalypse Now (57:51)
Martin Scorsese - Making movies and the preservation of film (31:05)
Steven Spielberg - Speaks at the Academy of Achievement (12:18)
Bill Haley - Talks about the early days of rock 'n' roll (3:48)
Elvis Presley - Vancouver, BC, press conference from 1957 (22:35)
The Beatles - BBC interview (8:31)
Brian Epstein - Talks about managing The Beatles and the music business (14:32)
Jimmy Buffett - 2015 University of Miami commencement address (18:33)
Ernest Hemingway - Receiving the Nobel Prize (2:08)
Ray Bradbury - Writing tips (51:45)
Tom Clancy - Speaks on America, government, the private sector, and writing (39:45)
John Grisham - 2010 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill commencement (18:30)
Katharine Hepburn - Reads a letter she wrote to Spencer Tracy (6:40)
Marilyn Monroe - Press conference and "Happy Birthday" to JFK (2:00)
Clint Eastwood - "Empty Chair" address at 2012 Republican National Convention (11:12)
Robert Redford - 2013 Westminster College Commencement Address (16:57)
Barbara Walters - Yale Class of 2012 commencement (24:37)
Jennifer Lopez - Address to The Woman's Conference 2008 (10:48)
Bob Newhart - Speaks at The Press Club (48:53)
Don Rickles - 1985 Address at Ronald Reagan's inauguration party (5:28)


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