Written By: Albert Sirones

Narrated By: Dms

Date: October 2020

Duration: 3 hours 7 minutes


Speed reading is an ability that is vital to anyone serious about their education in any field. Whether you'd like to be very well informed about world news, or you're interested in learning a new skill, reading can help-so speed reading can help you even more.

Reading Speed is a real improvement for reading. If you speed up reading a non-fiction book, it will not only save time, but it will be more useful than reading it slowly. This is because, along with reading speed, understanding improves-as long as you know how to read speed.

It's easier to learn how to speed read than you thought. It does not take hours to listen to audiobooks or days to attend seminars-speed reading can be explained in writing perfectly well. You can learn to read speed in just one hour-start now.

By realizing exactly what it takes to read that words-these symbol, groups-it becomes possible to identify everything, and you need to do in order to be able to read. These groups of words that we call sentences are all made up of combinations of 26 identifiable squiggles that we call letters.

Speed reading is characterized by an analysis of trade-offs between speed and understanding measures, recognizing that different types of reading require different speeds and rates of understanding and that these rates can be improved with practice.

Below are some of the contents:

- Speed Reading
- Learning to Speed Read
- How to Study Speed Reading
- Why Do You Not Learned To Speed Read
- How to Learn Speed Reading Quickly and Efficiently
- Discover A World Speed Reading Record Broke The Program!
- Various Speed Reading Techniques
- Can Mastering Speed Reading Make You Smarter
- Excel in School by Understanding How To Speed Read
- Secrets to Breakthrough Learning Speed


  • Gambler J.

    As a student I need not just to read faster but also to have good

  • Jorge H.

    I read one chapter a day--very carefully--in order to let the exercise at the end (which I read twice) make an accumulated effect. As there are twenty chapters, that took twenty days. I like my progress and improvement so much, I am going to do it all over for another round. As a bonus, there are several classics (which he used for the exercises--he used the first 1,000 words of each) I now want to read. Also, there are other texts formatted by him and he has a free online training software that I intend to get back to (after screwing it up the first time around a couple of years ago

  • Alexander B.

    I read a great deal and constantly have too much to read, so I have gone through a lot of speed reading stuff--videos, books, software, you name it. And I kept getting frustrated because it wasn't working like it was supposed to

  • Saimon M.

    Playing with the conceptualizing reading technique presented in this book, I found that reading speed greatly improved if I the phrases are read along with a beat or cadence. I didn't have any sound on, just bobbed my head gently along with the phrase reading-conceptualizing. The 'beat' seemed to eliminate the 'stress' of reading, making the experience somewhat more pleasant. Maybe other readers could try this too.

  • Andrew S.

    It's seems easy to underestimate just how important this book really is! I'm also an engineer (near retirement) and have noticed the same difficulty in comprehending while 'reading'. It's so frustrating to read so slowly when there's so much to learn. Ultimately, after learning the reading-comprehension technique in this book, one is inevitably led to the question "Just what are we

  • Olivia R.

    As a student I need not just to read faster but also to have good

  • Parsha R.

    I read a lot of 'speed reading' books and watched some 'speed reading' programs. I always ended up disappointed and frustrated because with all the drills and exercises my comprehension was always poor. If you increase the speed but have no comprehension of what you are reading then what's the point? When I started to use this book my speed improved and also my comprehension.

  • Jacqueline M.

    This is the best book about speed reading I have encountered to this date

  • Ethan L.

    Superb book that will not disappoint anyone trying to increase their reading speed, or to give as a gift to someone who doesn't read. Comprehension is by far the most important factor, and you will start learning material like never before.


by Albert Sirones

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