Springwater Wedding

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Written By: Linda Miller

Narrated By: Kate Forbes

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: February 2012

Duration: 10 hours 11 minutes


Linda Lael Miller returns to an unforgettable Montana town for a very special occasion....
Once a frontier stagecoach stop, tiny Springwater has grown and changed and entered the twenty-first century. Cattle rustlers may still be stirring up trouble, but now they're high-tech operators in a modern world. Where stagecoaches once rolled along muddy roads, the Internet is now the newest highway in town. But heartbreak is still heartbreak and love still love, and Springwater still boasts a rich legacy of joy, sorrow, and second chances -- as two childhood sweethearts discover when they rekindle a long-ago passion in the place they will always call home.
Maggie McCaffrey left her fast-paced corporate job to take a chance on a more rewarding -- but riskier -- business venture: turning the dilapidated Springwater Station into a bed-and-breakfast. But Maggie didn't count on running straight into J.T. Wainwright, the hometown boy who stole her heart many years before. A tough former New York City cop, J.T. survived a grave gunshot wound and returned to Springwater to find a better way of life. Now, as deputy town marshal, he's facing off with modern-day cattle thieves who are plaguing local ranchers. Stronger than ever, J.T. seems ready for anything -- except, of course, Maggie.
As Maggie's B&B begins to take root, a delightful new cast of Springwater locals passes through its doors. Maggie's parents, Kathleen and Reece, are finding that their forty-year marriage requires a little renegotiating now and then. Cindy, a teenage newlywed with a baby on the way, is learning about love and sacrifice for the first time. And town marshal Purvis Digg is turning Springwater upside down by dating a woman he met on the Internet.
As always, Linda Lael Miller enchants readers with her portrayal of the complex tangle of life and love in a small town. With her trademark sensuality and her þair for wit, she once again brings Springwater to life -- this time, at the dawn of a new era.


  • Angela Jones

    Nice listen. It helped pass the time on a long drive.

  • dlct

    Ehhh... OK, but a bit on the bodice-ripper side. Not as good as other Miller stories. You'd think whoever was in charge of the narrator's work would have hired someone who knew how to pronounce the word Spokane. After all, it's a rather sizeable city in Washington... And people in Montana don't have Southern accents. These errata didn't help the novel along. It won't put you to sleep but it's no barn-burner either (pun intended).

  • Amy Hoskins

    Ho Hum - Harlequin Romance time. This book is the equivalent to elevator music - it passes the time but it's not very memorable.


    Take two best friends who pick bad men over and over. Thank goodness TJ has returned to his beloved Maggie whose virginity he had taken years before (think The Graduate minus the older woman). Very high school. Women chit the chat constantly about men. You never know what the men are thinking, unless it's sex. An easy-cheesy read.

  • Anonymous

    A happy, cute story w/ a twist. Perfect for listening while driving or exercising.

  • Blair Brown

    I really enjoyed this story. Very sweet and romantic. Helped pass the time during my commute and I'd definitely recommend it. No major twists or turns, no mind blowing events, but I enjoyed it just the same.

  • Anonymous

    Typical romance fare, fairly predictable. The review's emphasis on the historical aspects of the story are largely unrelated, as it's set in modern day without much reference to the past. Even so, it's a good story worthy of transporting you out of rush hour and into rural America.