The Steady Running of the Hour: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Justin Go

Narrated By: Steve West

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: April 2014

Duration: 16 hours 35 minutes


Just after graduating college, Tristan Campbell receives a letter delivered by special courier to his father's house in San Francisco. It contains the phone number of a Mr. JF Prichard at Twying & Hooper, Solicitors, in London—and news that could change Tristan's life forever.

In 1924, Prichard explains, an English alpinist named Ashley Walsingham died attempting to summit Mt. Everest, leaving his fortune to his former lover, Imogen Soames-Andersson. But the estate was never claimed. Information has recently come to light that suggests a significant connection between Tristan and the named beneficiary—i.e., Tristan may well be the estate’s rightful heir. But without documented evidence, the estate will be divided among various charitable beneficiaries in less than two months.

In a breathless race from London archives to Somme battlefields to the Eastfjords of Iceland, Tristan begins to piece together the story of a forbidden affair set against the tumult of First World War. Following his instincts, and through frenzied research, he soon becomes obsessed with the star-crossed lovers, and intrigued by a beautiful French girl named Mirelle who happens to stumble across his path. Tristan must somehow prove that he is related to Imogen to inherit Ashley's fortune—but the harder he looks for traces of the couple, the stranger his journey becomes.

The Steady Running of the Hour announces the arrival of a stunningly talented debut author. Part love story, part historical tour de force, Justin Go’s wildly imaginative novel is utterly compelling, unpredictable, and heartrending.


  • Britny Wargo

    This book has a good plot but is not executed very well. The whole book is full of detail and about half way through you get really into the story. And then it ends, in a weird way with my events left unexplained. You are more confused about the story than when you began to read it.