Step Up To Success In Business and In Life: You Can Achieve Your Dreams!

Written by:
Nido R. Qubein
Narrated by:
Nido Qubein

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2011
4 hours 41 minutes
Success is not a matter of luck, an accident of birth, or a reward for virtue. Success is a matter of decision, commitment, planning, preparation, execution, and recommitment. Success doesn't come to you; you must go to it. Now, award winning business advisor, Nido Qubein, shares his complete program for personal and professional achievement.

Qubein arrived in the United States as a young man unable to speak English, with no contacts and only $50 in his pocket. He has since built a multimillion dollar speaking and consulting business. Chairman of four companies including Creative Services, Inc., McNeill Lehman, Inc., Business Life magazine and Great Harvest Bread Company, he is an advisor to some of America's best corporate leaders, sharing his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to help their companies grow and thrive. Qubein serves as President of High Point University in North Carolina and is the recipient of many honors for his seminars and his business leadership.

Since 1974, Nido Qubein has given more than 5,000 presentations and received every award in professional speaking. He has put together this program to teach you the strategies and tactics you need to develop a positive mindset and the skills you will need to help you achieve your dreams. Six major steps can change your life. Twelve essential sessions will maximize your potential. Step up to success and learn from the best as you embark on this motivating journey:

Decide to Succeed
Values, Principles and Rules of Conduct
Commit to Succeed
Follow Your Vision
Plan Your Success
Prepare for Success
Gain Mental and Emotional Balance
Gain Social and Spiritual Balance
Motivate Yourself
Execute Your Plan
Recommit Yourself!
Step Up to Success
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