The Stepford Wives

Written by:
Ira Levin
Narrated by:
January Lavoy , Grover Gardner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
3 hours 58 minutes
Ira Levin’s dark suburban tale remains as compelling—and frighteningly relevant—as ever. Psychological suspense mixes with elements of science fiction to create an extraordinary thriller tinged with Levin’s sly, satirical wit.

Few novels have enshrined themselves in the collective consciousness to the degree The Stepford Wives has. Levin’s sardonic critique has been spun off into countless film and television adaptations, from 1975’s original Katharine Ross filming to 2004’s Nicole Kidman offering—and its influence can be felt in later works from The Handmaid’s Tale to Get Out. Its title alone has become part of our common lexicon.

Joanna Eberhart is a creative, self-possessed wife and mother, newly arrived in seemingly idyllic Stepford, Connecticut. But as she and her family begin settling in, she’s jarred by the unaccountable sameness of the local wives: all flawlessly attractive, with perfectly maintained homes—and little seeming interest in anything else. As curiosity turns to concern, Joanna finds herself unraveling a web of malice that threatens her very existence.

Prepare to be captivated, unnerved, and utterly engrossed by Ira Levin’s dark and unforgettable modern classic, The Stepford Wives.

This edition includes an afterword by Peter Straub.
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