Written By: Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston

Narrated By: Scott Brick

Date: July 2011

Duration: 16 hours 0 minutes


A small Kansas town has turned into a killing ground.
Is it a serial killer, a man with the need to destroy?
Or is it a darker force, a curse upon the land?
Amid golden cornfields, FBI Special Agent Pendergast discovers evil in the blood of America's heartland.
No one is safe.


  • Sally McCampbell

    I love this story. The pace, the characters, the plot twists and turns. My only issue with the narrator is the accent he uses for the Kansas residents. People from Kansas have a standard mid-west accent. Not southern. Kansas isn't considered to be part of the south, it is the heartland, or western mid-west. As a life-long resident of the area, I can tell you, no one in Kansas talks like a back-woods hick. Drop the horrible accent for the Kansas folks, and I'd rate the narrator with 5 stars instead. Also, Salina is pronounced sa-Lie-na not sa-Lee-na.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best books I have ever read. Strange, funny, and sad. Incredible!!

  • teresa desiderati

    Once again I love the book. This is my favorite detective. The narrator, as always, is the perfect voice of Pendergast.


    I love this series, the characters are very cool and Pendergast is so classic, I am on book 5 now and going to finish the entire series. I have read a few of them but now I'm hooked on Audio Books. Book 4 - Still Life with Crows was one of my Favorites, couldn't wait until the end - when they reveal the secrets !!

  • Beth Vajas

    Absolutely loved this book! Read it years ago, enjoyed it then. Listened to it on audio and enjoyed it even more. Love Preston and Child. Wished they would relive Pendergast and Cory Swanson together again. Hint-hint! Was impressed by the narrator, good job.

  • PETA hatfield

    Really enjoyed it, kept me entertained right to the end!

  • Barbara

    This is my first meeting with Special Agent Pendergast; I like the character and the story keeps you intrigued. The main flaw is the author's obvious low opinion of small town law enforcement and he never lets up making sure these characters are as stupid, weak and hopeless as possible.

  • Heather Payne

    Agent Pendergast is impressively calm, cool, and witty. Has an attractive southern hospitality that is addictive! I admire how he buddies with the town misfit not caring what anyone thinks. Mystery will keep you guessing. I was completely entertained. Excellent job of narration.. My first Preston & Child, won't be the last!

  • MissKate

    This was my first introduction to Special Agent Pendergast. and I really enjoyed this book. I will say there are parts where I was complaining "Oh just get on with it" and would fast-forward to the next track. But overall this is a good mystery, and will hold your attention. I did, however, think they would never get out of the caves with all the twists and turns.

  • Anonymous

    The story kept me guessing until the last couple of chapters. And even then I wasn't sure that I was right about who the bad guy was. Great reading.

  • Diane M

    I try to listen to all books that Scott Brick narrates, and this one was excellent. The villain was unbelievably creepy, and I think this story would make a great mini-series for TV. Will be listening to more books by this writing duo.

  • Jeffrey Lewis

    Good book but slow at times. Subterranean plots seem to be a staple for Preston and Child but they do know how to mix it up.

  • Gail

    Any book by this writing team is terrific, their solo books rock too!

  • cadillac willie

    great story and even better narrator! keeps you on your toes-be careful of the accelerator during some parts of the book tho!

  • Cindy Doss

    Wow! Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child make a great team. This book was truly a mystery- thriller like no other. I listened well into the night - grisly murders and scary sound affects kept me jumping! Narration was excellent!

  • Bruce Curson

    This has been my first experience with these authors. It is a delight to be so pleasantly surprised. I found it a most entertaining story that was suspenseful and kept my interest. But you will find that the real treat is in the narration. It was one of the best that I have ever listened to.

  • Mimi in Atlanta

    I was beginning to tire of Agent Pendergast, but this book revived my interest in this character. Liked the story and the characters. Glad I gave him another chance!

  • Anonymous

    Normally I try to avoid abridged books. This one was very entertaining, though. The Pendergast character is good and the narrator was excellent.

  • Susan Tortorici

    Agent Pendergast at his best! What a wonderful & believable character! Preston & Child are phenominal together. More, more, more...!!

  • Anonymous

    The best part about this book was the reader. I loved, loved how he changed voices and accents based on different characters. His portrayal of Agent Pendergast was, I thought, right on. This is not the type of book to listen to if you have short commutes for you will be completely glued to they story. I honestly got spooked several times driving at night while listening to this book.

  • Mariesa Crow

    I've always been an Agent Pendergast fan and this book certainly delivers. Just enough gore and suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat and coming back for more. The plot was a bit predictable, but still a good all round story and engaging writing.

  • Anonymous

    I found this to be a very good read. I had not previously read these authors and a friend suggested the book as I love a good mystery. I was not disappointed!

  • Sharon Deaves

    This book is worth your time! Not only is the story good and keeps you in the edge of your seat, but the two main people in the story are very interesting and not every day "sortsa'. Don't rent this one if your drive is going to be short, you will be sitting in your car for a while after you get there!

  • Beth Paquette

    I liked the story plot was weak in areas but it kept me wondering.

  • Mark Pope

    Nice & scary. Plots a tad weak and predictable but otherwise entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    Hollywood missed on this one, someone get them a script! Edge of the seat, interesting characters, location & awsome reader. Everyone has a purpose in life, even those that don't seem to fit. As an FBI agent Prendergast is refreshing as a quiet ,patient and intellegent investigator leaving the macho behind and using his mind in a non condescending manner. Absolutely don't miss this one!

  • Anonymous

    A great story! I couldn't stop listening until the end. The narrator was perfect with an incredible range of voices appropriate for the characters. You always knew which character was speaking.

  • Michael

    This was one of my favorite books. The story is great and keeps you on the edge. The reader was excellent! A MUST READ/LISTEN!

  • Lynsurr

    This book kept me on the edge of my seat. This is my second book with Pendergast I love the way the two unwanted people of the town worked together and the way the old mysteries was address. when the killer was chasing people I was saying run run!

  • Anonymous

    I am intrigued that the author comes up with the things he does. It was enjoyable and a good listen. NIce ending.

  • Anonymous

    I've read several other Preston - Child books, but this was the first one I've listened to. Unfortunately, it was also one of the most silly ones they have done. The premise of the murders was good, but the resolution was exceptionally far-fetched - even for these writers! Choose the Relic instead.

  • Anonymous

    This book was very disappointing. I found it boring and anticlimatic. I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Jay Britt

    Fast moving audio book that leaves you wising for more. A very good story with excellent narration.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Still Life with Crows is a riveting listen-to, with many kudos for Rene Auberjonois' excellent narration. From the very beginning to the very end, the plot's pace is speedy, yet intricate. Twists, turns, surprises - just what every mystery junkie wants. Definitely not one for kids to overhear in the car. Preston and Child have delivered another winner.

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by Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston

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Still Life with Crows: A Novel, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
Still Life with Crows: A Novel, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
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Still Life with Crows: A Novel, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
This title is due for release on July 5, 2011
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Still Life with Crows: A Novel, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston
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Still Life with Crows: A Novel, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston

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