Stoicism: A Comprehensive Guide to Stoicism and Stoic Philosophy

Stoicism: A Comprehensive Guide to Stoicism and Stoic Philosophy

Written by:
John Ferguson
Narrated by:
Dwight Kuhlman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
2 hours 5 minutes
STOICISMStoicism started as far back as the 3rd Century BCE when Zeno of Citium would sit on a porch in Athens and share his theories with all who cared to listen. Over time, more people started to realize just how valuable this school of thought could be, and it started spreading across the Greek and Roman civilizations. People from various walks of life started to adopt Zeno of Citium’s theories: from soldiers to playwrights, slaves to emperors, these theories most definitely hold untapped treasures many of us are not so familiar with.

How is a school of thought that was created hundreds of years ago still relevant and beneficial to its practitioners in the 21st Century?

You likely have many questions to ask on this topic and this guide is where you will get all the answers you need and more!

Within this audiobook is information that will enlighten you, transform you and improve your life. Together, we’ll take an in-depth look the intricacies of Stoicism, and how you can begin to implement it into your own life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About…
- What Is Stoicism
- The History Of Stoicism
- Stoic Values & Virtues
- Stoic Exercises & Techniques
- Famous Stoics And How They Lived
- How To Use Stoicism To Enhance Your Life
- Much, Much More!
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