STOICISM: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius

Written by:
Michaela Morrison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
4 hours 11 minutes
If you are wasting energy on things you cannot control, if you want to stop living with fear, anxiety, and anger then keep listening.... Are you fed up with comparing yourself to others? Do you find it difficult to deal with change? Do you waste energy worrying what other people think?
The solution is Secrets of Stoicism this book will teach you how to decrease negative emotions and start to develop and maintain a balanced and happy life.
In this book, you will discover:
A simple trick you can do to manage your emotions.
The best way to become resilient to life’s obstacles.
The one method to create inner peace.
Why it is important to stop caring about things that you are unable to control.
Understanding why some people will fail to adopt stoicism.
And much, much more.
The proven methods and pieces of knowledge are so easy-to-follow. Even if you’ve never heard of stoicism before, you will still be able to create a happier life. If you want to stop being distracted and start living a good life, then buy now!
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Brandon K.

This book was excellent! It really takes you deep into the methods of Stoic Practice in a way that is easily accessible and truly mind changing!

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Armando W.

This is a wonderful book. This book is informative because it has a lot of useful information for this book to highlight.

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Wilfred H.

Its a great effective book about stoicism. learning approach provided. Author give fulls stuff for that. Recommended.

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Kim P.

It's a detailed guide to learn more about stoicism and proper guide to living a stoic life and gain confidence.

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Gordon P.

I think this is a decent book if you're into mediation and dealing with anxiety. The narrator's voice is decent listen.

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Keith V.

Life changing if you choose to embrace the Stoic philosophy. I now consider myself a novice Stoic and will listen this book again and again to reinforce the principles until they are part of my natural being. Outstanding!

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Chester P.

This is a good summary of the stoic philosophy with useful steps to make it part of your life. Recommended if you are looking for a high level teaching about this philosophy of Stoicism.

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Eduardo W.

This is a great primer for anyone curious about Stoicism. While it’s possible to begin listening the chapters about how to practice Stoicism I would recommend also listening about the History of Stoicism.

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Terrance R.

The authors have done well capturing the key principles of Stoicism. This book is brief and practical in nature. Great introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about Stoicism.

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Albert M.

I enjoyed this audiobook very much. It set out the basics of a philosophy which can be used by anyone to good effect.

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