Stolen Twilight

Written by:
S. Dalambakis
Narrated by:
Amelie Griffin , Alex Kydd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
9 hours 33 minutes
Going back home, to the Shifter Realm, is the last thing Obsidian wants to do. The only thing worse is talking about and confronting his past.

Word spreads fast and it doesn't take long for Obsidian's past to walk right up to him. Breaker, Cain, and Jett, three of his biggest tormentors, are now in the highest position of power. Obsidian soon realizes that things haven't changed . . . they're worse.

Finley and her mates arrive at a time when the residents are hiding and there are whispers that more is going on.

All Obsidian wants to do is get the last piece of the map and leave, but Finley wants to help.

Breaker makes matters worse with the constant flirting and gift-giving.

All secrets and fighting come to a head when they party in the moonlight.

Contains mature themes.
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