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The Stonehenge Gate

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jack Williamson

Narrated By: Harlan Ellison

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: January 2006

Duration: 8 hours 50 minutes


Jack Williamson, the dean of science fiction writers, weaves an exciting tale that takes four friends to the far corners of the universe. One leads an oppressed people to freedom. Another uncovers clues that could identify a long-dormant civilization of immortal beings. Now each traveler must play a crucial role in unraveling an ancient mystery, the solution to which may reveal the true origins of the human race.


  • Anonymous

    Not a strong book but good for passing the time in the car. The beginning reminded me a little of The Time Machine (original) i.e. gentleman scholar exploring unknown worlds. I thought the middle would lead to some sort of social statement, but no moral ever surfaced. Ending was weak but plausable. Felt like it was written by more than one person, at two different times. As I said, good for passing the time.

  • Lori

    I enjoyed the story and certainly Harlan Ellison's narration. It is because I enjoy Mr. Ellison's narration so much that i sought out other books that he narrated. Yes, he can be somewhat over the top at times, but rather have that than some droning, monotoned reader. The story itself was very interesting and I did find the ending somewhat disappointing, or rather a weak one. But, all in all, I very much enjoyed this book.

  • Anonymous

    The concept had a lot of promise, the delivery... no so much. The entire premise is based on a coincidence that would make Edgar Rice Burroughs blush. The plot holes are enormous. The character of the narrator is flat, totally unlikeable. The characters make major decisions and then change their minds for no reason other than to advance the plot in the direction the author desires. They travel halfway across the universe, only to get caught up in a conflict that could have happened on Earth, and with a deus ex machina resolution that could have happened if they had never arrived. I listened all the way through hoping for some big reveal to make it all worthwhile, but it never came. Cap that with the narration -- love Harlan Ellison as a writer, but it's really painful to listen to him try to do voices (especially the child!) and drama. It's tolerable if the book is good, but only added to the misery of this waste of 7 CDs.

  • Anonymous

    Storyline was decent...but in my opinion the weak ending was a total dissapointment

  • Anonymous

    Was not that good. Dragged on in some places forever. Just not that well written compared to many other books.

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by Jack Williamson

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