Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks: 22 Hacks To Destress, Avoid Negativity, and Stop Overthinking

Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks: 22 Hacks To Destress, Avoid Negativity, and Stop Overthinking

Written by:
Xolani Kacela
Narrated by:
Caitlyn Hemman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
3 hours 50 minutes
Have you been secretly living with anxiety for as long as you can remember? You are not alone. Act now.

Believe this when you read it: even the strongest-willed people feel anxious and stressed out. However, they use strategies to stop worry and stress in its tracks. Rather than searching for quick fixes for stress relief, prevent it once and for all.

Why should managing anxiety be so difficult?

Researchers report that one in five people (20%) suffer from an anxiety disorder. As a result, we live in an age when stress balls and fidget spinners are temporary stress relievers. But health experts and researchers report you need strategies that actually address the causes of your anxiety.

This book guides you on the path of growth and personal development by teaching techniques that address anxiety at its core. You’ll find the ultimate ways to de-stress, resist negative feelings, and prevent overthinking.

This book is written for you if you experience any of the following:

·    Excessive worries

·    Inability to sit still

·    Exhaustion

·    Difficulty with concentration

·    Easily irritated

·    Muscle tension

·    Problems sleeping

In this book, the author guides you through 22 strategies to tackle anxiety at its roots. While reading the book you will find yourself motivated, cheerful, hopeful, and confident to face down stress and live the life you dream of.

Uncover these powerful hacks:

·    Mindfulness and the Anti-Anxiety Formula

·    Person-Centered Therapy and Adopting a Therapist’s Mindset

·    How to Create Instant Chill

Liberate your innermost power and start living.
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