Stop Painful Sex

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Dr. Janet Hall

Narrated By: Dr. Janet Hall

Publisher: Dr. Janet Hall

Date: January 2007

Duration: 0 hours 26 minutes


Stop Painful Sex for Women (Hypnosis)

How to have Pain Free Sex With Hypnosis
Sex should be a pleasurable experience which you anticipate with delight.
Hypnosis can help you to focus on the pleasure and relax to enjoy the intimate connection with your partner that you deserve.
Hypnosis can help reduce painful sex by dissociation from fear
Patients with anxiety disorders frequently become absorbed in the fear state.
Their anxiety responses generate further cognitions concerning the danger posed by the symptoms and their inability to cope.
Dissociation via hypnosis can provide an adaptive and useful method of reducing this reactivity to the anxiety-producing situation and to the symptoms that may follow.
In this audio recording there is a beautiful scene where Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist inspires your imagination to take you into a forest where you come to a lovely leafy glade and bathe beneath a waterfall to take away all your upset about discomfort in sex.
You wait for your lover to come and then you enjoy pleasurable love-making with satisfaction.
Suggestions you hear include:
"Together touching, tasting, feeling, entwined together, sharing, giving, receiving pleasure. Tuned in to the pleasure that you have permission to enjoy now. Playing each others bodies like a musical instrument luxuriating in the pleasure. Everything seems so intensely wonderful, so warmly pleasurable, so finely tuned...
To look forward to making love again and again and again; taking your time, feeling the pleasure, allowing the release, being sexually satisfied".
So, if you're serious about wanting to have pleasurable sex then you need to get a copy of
"Stop Painful Sex For Women" right now!

This is one of a series of audios on sexual topics presented by Dr Janet Hall called:
"Dr Janet Hall's Sensational Sex Series".
Dr Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker and
Media Consultant.
Dr Jan authored eight books on family and relationships and recorded over 50 audio-recordings, many of them including hypnotic material. She founded Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.


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by Dr. Janet Hall

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Stop Painful Sex, Dr. Janet Hall