Stop Tantrums Now

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Dr. Janet Hall

Narrated By: Dr. Janet Hall

Publisher: Dr. Janet Hall

Date: January 2007

Duration: 0 hours 49 minutes


How to Stop Tantrums Now
You Will Learn How To Handle And Prevent Tantrums In Toddlers
So why do young children tantrum so much?
It's because it's part of their "knee-jerk reaction" to the frustration of not getting what they want, when they want and because it generally makes them feel better to release and work off their frustrations by having a tantrum.
A young child doesn't have the ability to rationalise and reason like a mature young person or adult, so they go into a tantrum as stress release.
Yes, but what do toddlers NEED you might ask!
They need to be kept safe from themselves and from their environment, whilst they have freedom to explore the world. The best form of protection for them comes from having rules and guidelines which parents impose on them, but of course- the toddlers fight these rules all the way.
Here's some hot questions that parents typically ask when I do a workshop on "How To Cope With Fighting Families".
"When you're tired as a parent, how do you control your own anger, especially when you feel that you're nearly being pushed over the edge!"
"To what extent can you ignore undesirable behaviour!"
And here's an optimist - they ask, "My three year old daughter won't say sorry straight away to people when she has done something wrong. What can I do!"
(Expecting a three year old to say sorry! That's a bit of a unrealistic expectation wouldn't you agree?)
"When your three year old is in the midst of a tantrum, what's the best thing to do!"
And, "My three year old is a head-banger, she's being doing this method of tantrum since she was eleven months. She has a permanent bruise on her forehead. "
"How do you get a three year old who has been crying and whining in his bedroom for 3 hours to STOP and tell you what's wrong? By the time he will talk to me he's forgotten what he did wrong and what he was upset about in the first place?"
In this recording you'll hear about strategies which give solutions to all those dilemmas above such as;
• The five C's,
• The three D's,
• The "Good Kid" game and
• The "Being Ready Routine".
The Good Kid Game empowers parents with safety-net procedures for tantrums which produce least fuss and least upset.
Dr Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and media consultant.
Dr Jan authored eight books on family and relationships and recorded over 50 audio-recordings, many of them including hypnotic material. She founded Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.


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