Storm's Peril

Storm's Peril

Written by:
Amy Wilson , Mary Stone
Narrated by:
Brittany Goodwin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
9 hours 11 minutes
Knowledge is (power) peril...In a city as large as Chicago, the wicked never sleep. When an undocumented migrant teenager goes missing, military veteran and Special Agent Amelia Storm teams up with her partner to take down what could be the most shocking forced labor and sex trafficking ring her hometown has ever seen.

The case reeks of mafia involvement, but even with an investigative reporter as an informant, there’s little in the way of leads. Suspicions cast a wide web, and the stakes climb when the boy’s sister and their journalist informant also disappear. Still, no one is talking, and every second counts if they hope to find them alive.

As sinister secrets are unearthed, Amelia won’t stop until she frees the innocent from the evil that lurks in the shadows of her beloved city. What she discovers hits a little too close to home. Was her brother involved? She needs to know, but some answers are better left unasked.

From the dark minds of Mary Stone and Amy Wilson comes Storm’s Peril, book two of the Amelia Storm Series, where you’ll be tempted to peek through the curtains to be sure evil hasn’t chosen you.
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