Stranger's Game

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Joan Johnston

Narrated By: Julia Gibson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: March 2011

Duration: 11 hours 40 minutes


When FBI agent Breed Grayhawk picks up a pretty girl named Grace at his favorite cowboy bar outside Austin, Texas, he has no idea that she's a convicted felon who's just finished serving an eight-year sentence for the double homicide of her police officer father and stepmother.

Posing as a University of Texas student by day, Grace burgles the homes of her late father's law enforcement colleagues by night, searching for evidence of who really killed her parents. The information Grace has gathered in the past year has led her to Breed Grayhawk's boss-FBI Special Agent Vince Harkness. At his home, she finds a silk-covered diary that contains titillating accounts of a woman's anonymous sexual encounters with numerous men-and her fearful suspicions that her husband has killed their neighbor. Grace steals the diary, believing she's finally found evidence that one of her father's former colleagues is a murderer. But she doesn't know that Harkness has surveillance cameras hidden throughout his house. He's furious that his wife's diary has been stolen, and he will stop at nothing to get it back. With no one to trust, Grace turns to Breed for help-but will he put his job and possibly his life on the line for the mysterious woman with whom he shared one steamy night of passion?

Combining the taut pacing of a thriller with intense family drama and a passionate love story, A Stranger's Game is Joan Johnston at her captivating best.